FREE EVENT: Hapa Japan Festival & Conference in Los Angeles {APR 2-6, 2013}

Hapa Japan Festival, conference, mixed race, los angeles, california, multiracial

Hapa Japan Festival is a FREE EVENT celebrating mixed-race and mixed-roots Japanese people and culture.  The event will take place on April 2-6, 2013 in Los Angeles, and will include a concert featuring hapa artists, a comedy night at East West Players, readings by award-winning authors, a historical exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum, film screenings […]

WATCH: Black Girl Married Japanese Man {}

Black Girl Married Japanese Man

Black Girl Married Japanese Man Recently, one of our contributors moved from New York to Japan with her hubby and has been keeping a really interesting video diary on YouTube of cool cultural finds and all things Japanese. Check out Tara of in this video where she explains why her mixed relationship works.  ;) […]

What Does the Term ‘Hapa’ Mean?

  What does it mean to be ‘hapa’? Many multiracials, especially those with Asian/Pacific roots may have heard of the term “hapa” to describe an individual of Japanese decent, mixed with a variety of other heritages.  But for those who haven’t heard the term, here’s a clip from the film One Big Hapa Family that […]

The Hapa Community & Kip Fulbeck

  Part of the Mixed Community is the Hapa Community. What is a Hapa, you ask? Hapa is Hawaiian  for “half”. The term became popular in Hawaii first as “hapa haole”, which means “half white”. Hapa is most often used in a positive light. Hapa haole however is sometimes used as a put down. The first […]

Film & Festival Shed Light on Hapa Heritage

  Hapa-palooza Festival Success! The first ever Hapa-palooza hit Vancouver last week, September  7-10, 2011. Highlights included a night of Mixed Voices Raised (writers, poets, and spoken word artists); Mixed Flicks (celebrating the Mixed experience in film); and The Sir James Douglas Mix-A-Lot Cabaret (featuring Mixed music and dance.) Check out the Hapa-palooza page on […]

Instilling Bilingual Education & Cultural Appreciation

bilingual education

Bilingual Education & Cultural Appreciation Baby is four months now and I am anticipating his first word.  To help him along I talk to him every day and sing to him, but I sing and talk in English. My husband believes that it is inevitable that his first word will be in English. I do spend most […]

What language is your Daycare?

What language is your Daycare? Does your childcare provider provide meals?  Do they provide snacks, trips, diapers, or other freebies for all of your well spent cash?  How about language instruction? With an average of $8,150 per year, daycare costs for children in the United States range from $4,388 to $14,647 a year, according to […]