You Want Me To Eat What?!

  When I was growing up my parents always encouraged me to try everything.  They never forced me to eat anything but I was always expected to be polite if I didn’t like something.  For much of my life this was no problem, as I rarely encountered things I didn’t care for, except for cow […]

Can Interracial Love Triumph through Adversity?

Can Interracial Love Triumph through Adversity? Doomed to divorce? Nowadays, everywhere you look there is news of relationships and marriages breaking up, whether it be celebrities, politicians, neighbors, friends or even family members. With a bleak 50% of marriages ending in divorce in the US today, it seems the odds are against any couple who […]

Family vs. Familia

My mother-in-law and I don’t have the best relationship. The biggest bone of contention has been the living arrangements. Growing up, I imagined myself with a husband and two kids, maybe a dog, but in my perfect little Anglo world, I never considered that I’d have a mother-in-law living with me, too. In-laws and grandparents […]