#L4LL Día Blog Hop: Jungle Tales by Jeff Zorilla #Giveaway

Jungle Tales by Jeff Zorilla

We are excited to share a guest post by Jeff Zorilla, author of a new English translation of Jungle Tales, as part of the Día de los Niños, Día de los Libros Blog Hop. The blog hop is part of an initiative by Latinas4LatinoLit.org, a collective of Latina bloggers who hope to shine a light on published Latino […]

‘The House on Mango Street’ Book Review

‘The House on Mango Street’ Review Have you remembered to go back? Mexican-American author-poet Sandra Cisneros raises this simple question in her timeless classic The House on Mango Street. This book of vignettes is one that can be opened to any page without having to know what came in the story before, or what comes after, […]

Remembering a Revolutionary Writer: Gloria Anzaldúa

Remembering Gloria Anzaldúa As an undergraduate student, I was assigned to read Borderlands. Half storytelling, half memoir, Anzaldúa melded a world of supernatural, traditions, and future expectations into one singular piece. Her ability to be a feminist and a Chicana is important in that she was one of the first. Anzaldúa held her ground with […]