LATISM Top Latina Bloggers at the White House {May 20-22}

LATISM Top Blogueras at the White House! This week, LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) launches their first-ever Top Latina Blogger Retreat in Washington D.C.  The historic event will take place on May 20th through 22nd and will include an exclusive briefing at the White House.  Selected bloggers (listed below) will discuss the top issues affecting […]

LATINO2 Conference Founders Call Latino Tech Start-Ups & Savvy Investors to the Table

Call for LATINO2 Supporters & Industry Leaders Yesterday, the founders of the LATINO2 Conference, LATISM, put the call out for supporters of Latinos in the Tech field to come forward and redefine the industry. “We’re calling Latin@ Tech-Startups, Founders, Developers, Co-Founders, Venture Capitalists, Accelerators, Policy Makers, Angels, Corporations, Foundations, Social Entrepreneurs, Educators, Marketers, MBAs and […]