Critical Mixed Race Studies FREE Conference in Chicago {Nov 1-4}

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Critical Mixed Race Studies FREE Conference in Chicago The Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference, which brings together scholars from a variety of fields nationwide, will be held at DePaul University in Chicago on November 1-4, 2012. What is Critical Mixed Race Studies? From their website: “Critical Mixed Race Studies (CMRS) is the transracial, transdisciplinary, and transnational critical analysis of […]

Bill of Rights for Racially Mixed People {via The Multiracial Experience}

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Bill of Rights for Racially Mixed People Authored by Maria P.P. Root I HAVE THE RIGHT… Not to justify my existence in this world.  Not to keep the races separate within me.  Not to be responsible for people’s discomfort with my physical ambiguity.  Not to justify my ethnic legitimacy. I HAVE THE RIGHT… To identify […]

I’m a White Man & my Child Will be Black {by John Chatz}

Reality Check – My Biracial Child Will Be Black I’m sitting at work the other day and one of my co-workers calls and we start talking about my wife’s pregnancy. “How’s she feeling?  Are you doing ok? How are all the kids taking it?  Have you picked out names?”  Etc., etc.  This is a female co-worker […]

Mixed Identity: Parenting Multiracial Teens

©   It was so easy when they were little. Any staring was obviously because they were so darn cute, self-esteem was built or broken based on the order in which they were picked by the kickball team captains (and they were never picked last), childhood friendships were based on the love of either playing […]

How Do You Teach Your Kids About African Ancestry?

Image Credit: Flickr / Thomas Hawk I’m always curious to see how my kids answer that ever-present question asked of people of mixed heritage, “What are you?” They are starting to reach an age where they are out and about without their family members. Their golden skin and reddish-tinted hair makes them an obvious mixture, […]

Please Don’t Tell Me How To Name My Bicultural Son

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Please Don’t Tell Me How To Name My Bicultural Son There I was with my swollen body aching, lying in a hospital bed.  The fear that was consuming me, because I could barely move my legs, was starting to show on my pale and tired face. “Dear God don’t let the epidural have consequences,” I […]

The Right to Self-Identify: “I Am Mixed”

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  We left the Glee Camp finale humming the songs that my daughter and her fellow show choir campers had performed, “Funkytown,” and “Car Wash.” We had disco fever! When we got in our minivan to drive home, the kids (my two daughters, my son, and two of their friends) were still in a seventies […]