Study finds: White children are more negative about race

“White kids are far more negative about racial interactions than black kids.” I think most people have seen this to be true and there are plenty of studies to back up this statement.  The reality is…race is a problem for whites more than anyone else.  The discussion makes white communities so uncomfortable and that’s in […]

Multicultural Families & Intercultural Relationships

multicultural families

Editors note: We saw this great article on Multilingual Living and had to share.  Follow the jump below to read the full article and weigh in with your opinion. Multicultural Families & Intercultural Relationships By Harriet Cannon, M.C. Photo Credit: Hyeyoung Kim The twenty first century is a brave new world of global connections, and multicultural relationships […]

Mix-up your Multicultural Holidays by Celebrating What’s Different

we're different we're the same, celebrating differences, celebrating similarities and differences

This article is part of our Multicultural Holidays series.  You can submit your own story for publishing on Multicultural Familia via our submissions page here. We’re Different, We’re the Same by Jen Marshall Duncan When my kids were littler, we read this book over and over again. Sometimes we turned the pages looking for noses that looked […]

Welcome to the NEW Multicultural Familia!

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Welcome to the NEW Multicultural Familia! Happy Monday and Welcome to the NEW Multicultural Familia website!  We’ve got some new and updated features to share with you this morning!  For starters, we’ve revamped our site to include more spaces to feature our upcoming media partners and favorite social causes!  We’re also working on making things […]

Dual Pride at the Olympics: Should Leo Manzano Have Carried Two Flags?

Leo Manzano two flags mexican flag american flag olympics runner

Dual Pride at the Olympics? With all the ridiculous obsessions about “unfair advantages,” “light-skinned, exotic beauties” and “disgraceful hair-dos” flooding around the Olympic athletes these days, it’s hard to avoid the negative hype.  It seems there is a never-ending supply of insults flying around and a whole lot of not-so-wholesome Olympic finger pointing going on. Earlier today, CNN published […]

10 Things Mainstream Television Networks Should Know About Bicultural Latino Viewers

Grey's Anatomy Lesbian Latina bicultural hispanic television viewers mainstream networks hispanic marketing

10 Things Mainstream Television Networks Should Know About Bicultural Latino Viewers A few days ago, there was an article in the NYTimes that discussed Network TV’s struggle to appeal to Hispanics. It cited failed shows such as “Rob” which critics say was too heavy on the stereotypes. It pointed to “minor successes” such as the George Lopez […]

Looking Back at Our First Year & an Interview with Vanessa of {Podcast}

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Looking Back at Our First Year Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with two awesome ladies and fellow contributors here on, Amanda from and Vanessa from  During the live, one hour podcast, we talked about the birth of Multicultural Familia, which coincidentally, started via a multicultural blog hop. What started […]

An Ideal Society: Believing in the Dream

racial unity integration dr. martin luther king jr.

An Ideal Society An ideal society – that is a beautiful concept, indeed. Ideal; while the term itself could indicate a standard of perfection, its excellence could also be assumed to exist only in the imagination. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. imagined, or dreamed rather, an ideal society that looked very much like the one I […]

Multiculturalism: Does it Nurture or Extinguish Diversity?

There’s a lot of debate circling around multiculturalism right now.  Recently, Europeans and even some Americans have begun to doubt whether multiculturalism is really the answer and have even claimed that the entire system has “failed”.  Some have called multiculturalism “the death of diversity“, while others believe that it signals the end of patriotism.  But, what […]

Celebrating Diversity as a Family

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Submitted by Sarah Morris on behalf of Primrose Schools – preschools that make a difference in your child’s education. Celebrating Diversity as a Family Explaining the concept of diversity to a child can be difficult for any parent. However, pointing out all of the wonders of different cultures and making the learning experience enjoyable and […]

Top Language Blogs You Should Be Reading

We love great blogs and language blogs are some of the best because they also feature interesting discussions on everything from culture, to travel, to immigration politics. Check out our favorite language blogs that we think you should subscribe to!   Multilingual Living Why we love it: Multilingual Living is loaded with experts and offers endless […]

Yes, It’s Black History Month for Everyone

 Image: The Shelf Life   I love Black History Month. People are holding events, celebrating, and talking about our African American heroes. The problem is that it seems only African Americans are participating in this month long celebration. If you walk around the streets of NYC and ask what’s special about the month of February, […]