2nd Annual Muslim Spelling Bee – Nationwide Spring 2013!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE World’s First Muslim Spelling Bee Competition Launches 2013 Competition November, 2012, Chicago – Last year the first ever Muslim Spelling Bee successfully hosted their 2012 event with the support of nine regional Islamic Schools, including: American Youth Academy, Tampa, Florida Al-Ihsan Academy, South Ozone Park, New York Darul Arqam, South River, New Jersey Al-Hadi […]

Celebrate the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh {Holy Day Kids Craft}

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Celebrate the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh {Holy Day Kids Craft} This story first appeared on All Done Monkey. Scroll to the end for a video of my father singing a special holiday song! Do you know what we remember, on the twelfth day of November? If you were a Baha’i child growing up in the US in the […]

Reflections on the Benghazi Attack

“Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well you will treat them well and that if they do wrong you will do wrong. But (instead) accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and not to do wrong if they do evil.” — Prophet Muhammad (s) as […]

Ask a Muslim: New Web Series Promotes Understanding of a Misunderstood Religion

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Ask a Muslim: New Web Series Promotes Understanding of a Misunderstood Religion It starts with interfaith dialogue—the real, unstaged, not-necessisarily-PC kind. That’s what it takes to change public sentiment about Muslims. As it is, all the dialogue in intrafaith, non-Muslims talking to other non-Muslims about Muslims and Muslims talking to other Muslims about Muslims. The […]

Big Brother Spying on NYC Muslims {Colorlines.com}

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Big Brother Spying on NYC Muslims We now know that the NYPD’s once secret program that for years spied on Muslims, striking a justified fear into the community’s core, never gleaned a single lead or terrorism-related investigation. In court testimony released last week the police official who oversees the controversial Demographics Unit admitted that the massive operation to […]

‘All-American Muslim’ Canceled After Just One Season

  ‘All-American Muslim’ Canceled The first ever Muslim reality TV show faced immense controversy when it premiered in September of last year.   Although 1.6 million viewers tuned into All-American Muslim for its TLC debut, that number plummetted in the weeks to follow. It seems that even with all the publicity, both negative and positive, surrounding the show there was […]

Meet Our Contributors: Amanda Mouttaki of Maroc Mama

Meet Amanda of Maroc Mama Amanda Mouttaki is a regular contributor and also writes on her personal blog, Maroc Mama and guest posts on a variety of blogs about Muslim & Moroccan life, including American Muslim Mom.  You can find her on Facebook.com/marocmama and Twitter.com/marocmama.  View all of Amanda’s posts on Multicultural Familia HERE. What are your fondest childhood memories […]

Ward Off the Evil Eye with a Hamsa Craft

This post is part of our Share Your Story series.  You can share your own story by submitting your writing, videos or other media to editor {at} multiculturalfamilia {dot} com.  Learn more HERE. The Middle East is a group of countries in western Asia and northern Africa that is the culturally rich home to numerous ethnic groups (such as […]

TLC’s “All American Muslim”: A Positive First Step Forward

TLC’s “All American Muslim”: A Positive First Step Forward TLC’s new six-part series has taken quite a bit of heat from the Muslim community.  I wanted to wait to write this post until a few episodes had aired.  All American Muslim is not unlike many of TLC’s docu-reality series such as Sister Wives or John […]