A Natural Hair Story: From Natural to Relaxed and Back Again

This is my oldest daughter. She was born with straight, fine hair. As she got older it started to get curly. And then it got curlier. I found a book called It’s All Good Hair and tried to learn how to put her hair in protective styles. When she was little, it was easy to do her […]

6 Amazing Must-Follow Natural Hair Care Blogs!

#1 Keyative Styles – Tons of interesting and unique styles for newbies and pros!  ______________________________________________________ #2 Rockin’ it Naptural – Detailed product reviews, a variety of natural hair photos from around the web and tons of great features!  ______________________________________________________ #3 Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care – Great styles, informative and full of parenting guidance!  ______________________________________________________ #4 Tweeny […]

Celebrate Black Friday & Cyber Monday with Bee Mine Natural Hair Products!

   Bee Mine Natural Hair Products Bee Mine Products is a line of natural hair care products that carries toxin-free shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, a detangling/leave in conditioner, and a styling cream.  To learn more read our Bee Mine Natural Products Review. Bee Mine will be hosting a sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!  Both will offer a chance […]

CARA B Naturally Review & Giveaway {All-Natural Hair & Skin Care}

All images courtesy mycarab.com   CARA B Naturally Review I have been interested in trying natural hair and skin care products with my daughter for a while.  It’s not something that I’ve really invested in previously, but I’ve heard so many great things and somehow, none of the popular hair and skin care products seem […]

Intro to Natural Hair Care for Parents of Biracial Children

Intro to Natural Hair Care for Parents of Biracial Children I have recently embarked on a hair care journey with my biracial daughters natural curls. D is Caucasian and African American. Her hair was never an “issue” per se, but through trial and error we are learning what works, what doesn’t, how to properly care […]