Revealing the Taína Within

taino puerto rican woman

This story first appeared on Bella Vida by Letty.  Image: ElusiveDreams07 | Deviant Art Revealing the Taína Within Yesterday, I was browsing through photos from last weekend’s outing when I was struck by the image of a woman I didn’t recognize. The photo captured the profile of a Taína with long black hair, high red cheekbones and […]

How to lose a primary in two words: Rick Santorum’s gaffe in Puerto Rico

‘ENGLISH ONLY’ in Puerto Rico? Amazing to think Puerto Rico has all of a sudden taken center stage in the Republican primaries. Now, if people in the “mainland” thought Puerto Rico’s primary would be inconsequential, they now have to thank Rick Santorum for making them interesting. As many of you know, it seemed like not […]

A Puerto Rican in Paris: Expat Nightmares

A Puerto Rican in Paris: Expat Nightmares Here in the United States, we are constantly criticizing our immigration system, the inhumane politics of a wall to keep people out and the lack of a coherent policy. These criticisms are all valid, but we sometimes forget to ask ourselves how our immigration problems in the United […]

Sshhhh…Don’t Tell a Soul – I Am Puerto Rican

Sshhhh…Don’t Tell a Soul – I Am Puerto Rican Once upon a time there was a Puerto Rican immigrant who found her way to San Francisco. It was there that she met a pretty famous Puerto Rican boxer, married him, discovered he was not the ideal husband, and went into hiding. She eventually met the […]