Sagging Pants Could Get You Jail Time in St. Louis

According to St. Louis native and social justice blogger at Michelle Parrinello-Cason, sagging pants is about to become a crime in St. Louis. An ordinance which currently includes nudity, sexual acts and public urination as forms of indecent exposure, could also make it illegal to “wear pants below the waist, which expose skin or undergarments”. Read […]

On Unconscious Racism: An Explanation of George Zimmerman & Upset Hunger Games Fans

Unconscious Racism They used to lynch us. They don’t do that anymore. They used to buy and sell us. They don’t do that anymore. They used to call our fathers “boy” and send them around back. They don’t do that anymore. Now it’s unconscious, so all they have to do is think. Racism has gone underground, […]

Beyond Trayvon: Race & Justice In America airs TONIGHT, March 30th at 8p and 10p ET on CNN

Beyond Trayvon: Race & Justice In America TONIGHT ON CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien hosts a townhall on a controversial event that has gripped the nation: the shooting of Trayvon Martin. In this one hour special, several panels will examine and discuss the facts of the case and the many angles that have come into play including: the […]

Mourning the Loss of Trayvon Martin, Everyone’s Son

Mourning the Loss of Trayvon Martin In 1995 I met my son for the very first time, although I had known him for some months – his movements, his growth…his potential. Across the country, and unknown to me, another expectant mother was taking a parallel journey; adventuring through morning sickness, her unborn’s first noticeable kicks, contractions, […]

Trayvon Martin: A Crime Gone Unpunished

Trayvon Martin – Where’s the Justice? I had hoped to get through this year without hearing something of this nature. Recently, it seems we are writing more and more about the injustices that face people of color. It is this type of crime that makes me afraid for my mixed children who are Half-Black and Half-Mexican American. Trayvon […]

Race Reality: We Are Not “Post-Racial”

Learn about anti-racism This past June, 49-year-old James Craig Anderson, who worked at a manufacturing company, was brutally beaten and run over by a group of  white teenagers from a nearby suburb.  Basically, because they wanted to “mess with a n*****”. Did everyone just check their calenders for a moment there? Yeah, I said it and I […]