Ramadan con Piñatas y Churros

Ramadan con Piñatas y Churros Disclaimers: This post is multilingual, mostly Spanish and English but it does have some basic Arabic/Islamic terms sprinkled in as well. Spanish is italicized then translated. Arabic/Islamic terms are translated in parenthesis. English…well my broken American incorrect grammatical English should be able to be understood. ;) Greetings! Hey everyone, saludos […]

What is Ramadan?

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan begins on Monday, August 1st, 2011.  This holiday is a month long event commemorating the revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad (phuh – this abbreviation means peace be upon him and will often be found following the name of a Prophet when written in English- you may […]

Ramadan Giveaway Winners!

This past week we had two special Ramadan giveaways.  Amanda, one of our contributors and the blogger behind MarocMama.com put up a copy of her fabulous Ramadan Nights: Iftar Ideas for Busy Moms and Dads and author Medeia Sharif offered an autographed copy of her new young adult novel, Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.!  And now it’s time to announce the winners […]

Biweekly Tweetchat: Ramadan {August 1}

  Monday, August 1st In this week’s Tweetchat we’ll be talking about Ramadan, a month-long observance of daylight fasting in which Muslims often hone their faith and celebrate the inspiration of the Qur’an.  Learn more about this important Islamic tradition, it’s origins and practices at our upcoming Tweetchat! Join us Monday, August 1st from 7pm to […]

“Ramadan Nights”: Cookbook Review & {Giveaway}

Ramadan Nights Cookbook One of Multicultural Familia’s contributors just happens to be an amazing chef! Amanda Mouttaki (MarocMama.com) is best known for exploring Moroccan cuisine through recipes passed down from her husband’s family. Amanda’s food explorations bridge many other cultures as well and the recipes she creates and reinvents show her passion for food and […]

Book Review: “Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.” by Medeia Sharif

“Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.” by Medeia Sharif It has been through reading books about characters struggling to reconcile their bicultural identities that I’ve been able to validate my own experience. Two years ago, there was no way I would’ve talked about it. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t articulate how I felt and why. I mean, seriously, […]