Bilingual Education Review: Criss Cross Mangosauce

We recently had the chance to review a couple of awesome Bilingual products from Criss Cross Mangosauce, a bilingual resource for programs for children. We were sent Chipi Chipis Small Shells of the Sea book. It is a father daughter story influenced by Venezuelan traditions. The author states that Chipi Chipis is a sort of small […]

10 Tips for Raising Healthy Eaters {Free Printable List}

Images via   Tips to encourage healthy eating at home! 1. Eat dinner together as a family. Studies conducted in 2011 show that families who regularly eat together, make healthier food choices. 2. Bring kids into the kitchen and have them help prepare the meal. Children who participate in the meal preparation tend to […]

De Tal Palo, Tal Astilla

Higueras, duraznos, naranjas, hierbabuena, Piquin, and romero are just a few of the plants that come to mind when I think of my mother’s gardens throughout the years.  Everywhere she’s ever lived she’s left a tropical paradise behind.  None more so than at the last house we shared before I went my own way. Picture purple leaves, sprawling through the […]

Who Are You?: ‘Not Mexican Enough’ vs ‘Too Mexican’

    I used to like to say “I never knew I was Mexican until I left my small community.” It’s true, I never knew it would be an issue until I left the confines of my small ranching community which is predominately Mexican American.  I spoke English, understood Spanish. I listened to Conjunto music […]

You Say Pomelo, I Say Toronja, Part II: “WHAT did you just say!?”

[Read part 1] More Fun Language Mix-ups “Bicho”, “chocha”, “bollo”…Are you completely offended by now???  You may be if you are Puerto Rican or Dominican. But perhaps, if you are not from either country, these words are almost meaningless to you. “Concha!”…ok, now I’ve offended most of the Argentines out there. So, why am I […]

Language Mix-up: You Say Pomelo, I Say Toronja

Fun Language Mix-ups I know that when we talk about multicultural children and families, the topic of multiple languages come to mind. But multiple dialects in the home are not uncommon and in this day and age, especially in the Latino communities where we have a mix of Spanish, English and Spanglish, we have a […]

A Fun Language Game for Older Kids and Adults

  Having a multicultural family can often include learning a new language.  As a former English as a Second Language teacher, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite games to play that helps improve language vocabulary. The game is called BASTA! A simpler, budget-friendly version of  Scattergories.  It is best played with […]

Being Bilingual: Easier Said Than Done

Being Bilingual: Easier Said Than Done  Being bilingual was something that came so naturally to me. I grew up around my grandparents who only spoke Spanish. I always spoke English to my parents because they both understood the language, but my father has always replied in Spanish. With everyone else in the family, it’s always […]

Review: ‘Salsa’ Spanish Education Program

  Nope, it’s not the kind you eat!  This kind of Salsa will have you and your family speaking Spanish in no time! I came across Salsa completely by accident.  I was having trouble sleeping one night and started channel surfing and stumbled upon the most entertaining, educational, Spanish speaking puppets ever!   Introducing Salsa! […]