Grapefruit Buttermilk Granita {Sweet Life}

Grapefruit Buttermilk Granita {Sweet Life} Citrus season in Texas is our favorite time of the year!! My girls simply can not get enough of these juicy ruby gems.  Ruby red grapefruits make their way into every meal of the day. Fresh squeezed juice for breakfast, ruby segments served alongside lunch, a grapefruit dressing for our salad at dinner and gently coaxed into a dreamy buttermilk […]

Fun Holiday Recipe: Tortilla Snowflakes with Cajeta

Tortilla Snowflakes with Cajeta Looking for a fun holiday recipe to create with the kiddies during the winter months?  Here’s a super simple recipe made with tortillas and cajeta. Cajeta is a thick sweet sauce made from goat’s milk.  The sweetened milk is boiled down until it reaches a deep caramel color.  Cajeta can also […]

Tocabe’s Osage-Inspired Frybread Tacos

©  Sweet Life Tocabe’s Osage-Inspired Frybread Tacos Created out of necessity, frybread is a food that represents both perseverance and pain in American Indian history.  Working with the little available in a changing environment, First Americans developed a recipe that has been proudly passed on from generation to generation.  Learn more. A quick bread, frybread often accompanies a meal, […]

Familia Eats: Tamarind Tequila Grilled Molleja

©  Sweet Life Familia Eats: Tamarind Tequila Grilled Molleja In Texas, molleja, or sweetbreads, can be found at every grilling event, slowly soaking in the flavors of mesquite or pecan.  In the case we should have a guest or family member visiting, we are forced to explain what is molleja?  No, they are not brains. Molleja are the thymus […]