Teen Travel Summit & Extravaganza {Passport Party Project}

teen travel summit extravaganza

Today we just had to share this awesome event from the The Passport Party Project! Check out the details below: is a super! fantastic! Weekend Extravaganza for tw/eens & their parents featuring travel workshops, travel chat, travel prizes & loads of travel fun! MISSION To encourage safe, educational & fun domestic and international travel for tw/eens and […]

Tween Romance & Race: How Should I Teach My Kids About Colorism?

Teens Dating Race

Tween Romance & Race He’s at that age: the in-between age referred to as the “Tween Years.”  The first big sign that we had arrived in those Tween years didn’t come from him, though; it came from his best friend. “Mommy, D__ has a girlfriend!” he said. “In 6th grade?” I replied incredulously as the […]

It Finally Happened

Our daughter, Devaney, was over at her friend’s house last month and it finally happened – that ugly thing that parents, of other races, have had to help their children navigate for hundreds of years before today. Her friend’s older brother had some of his buddies over playing basketball and, when Devaney went inside, one […]